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The horror genre was the one that was most popular with Axel, he watched every horror film that came out and then bought then on DVD even if he hadn't actually enjoyed them which was forever confusing his friends but what Axel really loved about the horror genre, were the books.

If you had taken a look at Axel you would think that he was an idiot, a juvenile and a punk, of course Axel was still an overbearing asshole sometimes but he wasn't stupid and he had never ever gotten in trouble with the police.

He loved to read the horror books to dive into the world of blood and gore, apart from the horror games he played, it was one of his only ways to escape the boring and extremely non-violent Destiny Islands.

Destiny Islands was a very small island with very few people on it and it was in the middle of the sea making Axel wonder how on Gaia his parents managed to get here as he was certain that his parents had been born and raised up in a place called One Hundred Acre Wood which was far from the sea and right in the middle of a very nice village as he had seen from the photos his father kept pinned to the fridge door with a yellow, smiley face magnet.

Axel couldn't complain about the lack of people though, it was nice to just be able to walk into a shop and get your items without having to queue behind a great long line of other people, especially with how hot it could get on the islands.

It was also nice to be able to relax inside the Destiny Islands library and sit right underneath the air conditioning unit with a large horror book in his hands ready to be read and give him nightmares as he drifted off to sleep.

Axel couldn't help but sigh as he realised that he'd drifted off in his thoughts once more, his emerald green eyes casting downwards at the novel in his hands as he laid lazily in a giant blue beanbag that the library provided for reasons Axel would never know.

He rolled his head in a circle, cracking his neck as he tried to ignore the aching that was screaming at him for he had been in the same position for a very long while now.

He almost let out an erotic groan as he heard and felt the crack in his neck, his eyes fluttering a little at how good it felt to get that ache out of him.

"Jeeze," Axel groaned and rubbed the back of his neck, jumping a little as two smaller hands came down on his shoulders, kneading them in a caring, almost sensual way and a small smirk appeared on Axel's thin lips as he looked up to see his lover standing over him.

"Hey," Zexion smiled warmly as his hand gently cupped Axel's chin before leaning down and brushing his lips heatedly against the red head's having missed him a lot as Zexion was still in college and very busy whilst Axel had already left both college and university.

"Mmh, glad to see you too," Axel chuckled before stealing another small kiss from his bashful boyfriend, "how did you know I'd be here?"

Zexion arched his eyebrow and waved the overly sized book in his hands with a small laugh, "I didn't," he replied with a smile, his tongue slipping out to lick his lips where he tasted Axel.

"I just wanted to get a book out for my Greek Mythology class," Zexion explained with a small wave of his hand, "and that's when I noticed a good looking guy on a beanbag," he grinned at the red head who seemed to have become a little shy at the compliment and he cleared his throat, scratching behind his ear a little nervously.

"We're just bookworms I guess," Axel chortled and grabbed a hold of Zexion's hand, pulling the blue haired teen onto his lap causing the younger of the two to gasp loudly and flush red as the librarian looked over at them firmly through her half moon shaped glasses that sat perched on the end of her pointy nose.

"By the look on her face we might as well have just messed around on the floor," Zexion joked into Axel's ear, both of them bursting into a fit of quiet laughter from behind their hands as not to anger the librarian but then silence fell as Axel quickly shifted forwards and took Zexion's earlobe in between his teeth.

"That's not a bad idea," he was treading on a very thin line, but he loved teasing the one he adored more than anything, his hand now resting in Zexion's tight jeans pockets feeling the buttocks of the other male making the blue haired teen whimper against the red head's neck.

"Not in the library!" Zexion whispered in a panic, already feel the effects that Axel's touches were having on him and he pushed the horror novel Axel was balancing on his knee onto the floor, discarding his own book before pulling his boyfriend up onto his feet where he then proceeded to pull the sniggering red head out of the library, towards the dorm he was staying in a few short minutes away from the very place that they had met.

Theme Suggestions #1 – Library – Complete

Here, have some Library AkuZeku as an apology for being an absolute fucking failure to all of you.


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Mewbutterflydee Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2012
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Lovely story!~
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Oh you're not a failure!!! You stories are amaziiiing!~ :D
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Aww, so cuuuute~ Luvsed it ;w;
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Aww cute story >w< XD
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yes yes yes that was brilliant :3 I knew as soon as I got to Axel being a reader Zexion had to be involved. :3
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