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December 15, 2010
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Not once have I ever walked into my school thinking that I was going to be greeted by a large group of friends, smiling widely as they saw me, flinging their arms around me and asking me the pointless day by day questions such as, "how was your night?" and "is everything okay at home?" even though they had seen you less than a day ago, so not much could have possibly changed that much during that time, today was no exception for me, I received no smiles, no hugs and no questions.
I had never seen the need to make friends seen as though that three quarters of the world lost touch with their high school friends and never saw them ever again, so why should I bother if all of the friends I make at this school would just suddenly disappear? It makes it easier when it comes to special holidays like Christmas and New Years Day as the gift list is pretty small. Plus, in my experience with 'friends', I had found them to be two faced, backstabbers and bullies that liked to make you feel as if you were beneath them somehow, though I actually knew that I was a hundred times smarter, somehow they had deranged me into thinking they were a hell of a lot smarter than I was, this had caused my confidence to take a dramatic knock, one I don't think I've recovered from, I didn't have much confidence in myself to begin with, so this just added to the self loathing that continues to breed inside of me.
I think the best way to describe myself would be to say that I am close to the description of being the usual 'quiet child' that every school apparently has, though obviously no one had that amount of time to go around and see whether this was true, but yet again, I have no doubt that this is true, being the quiet child, I don't socialise a lot, mainly because I try to avoid any social situation as they make me extremely uncomfortable, one of the reasons being because I have a fear of neglect, not fitting in and having my opinions crushed like they had been so many times before; this worried my adopted father, Vexen, a lot and he had gotten into trouble at the science research laboratory he worked at because of me, apparently falling asleep and turning up looking like he had been attacked on the street wasn't acceptable in the work environment.
It sounds a bit extreme doesn't it? Being so worried about their adopted son not being able to socialise with the world that they nearly get fired from their job…it would be extreme if I had been talking with  him at home, but I wasn't, I never spoke anymore because there wasn't any need for me too; nobody even bothered to make the effort to get to know me, so I figured, what's the point in trying?
Another day arrived in an annoying brightness, it nearly blinded me as much as my own grey/blue hair did and I lifted my arm up to cover my face like a shield, my alarm clock screaming on my bedside table, I sighed loudly as I quickly shuffled my face away from the sunlight and slammed my fist down on the 'sleep' button on my alarm clock, relieved that the infuriating screeching had stopped and I blinked a few times, running my tongue across my lips so that they were no longer dry and stretched my arms and legs, moaning a little as my body became a little more relaxed from laying in such an awkward position.
Good grief, why do I allow my room to become such an untidy crap hole? I grumbled inside my mind for a while, debating whether I had enough time to clean it before I had to leave for school, but seen as though I always set my alarm to go off an hour before I had to leave, I knew I wouldn't have time. For some reason I just took a long time getting dressed in the morning, the most time consuming part of getting dressed was brushing and styling my hair the way I wanted it, though half the time it just looked a scruffy mess as usual.
"Zexion, are you up?" a deep voice came from the other side of my large white door and I rolled my lilac eyes, he was obviously expecting an answer and I shook my head at his poor attempt, I heard a loud sigh and the door slowly opened, his old, thin face peered around my door, his frighteningly large eyes falling onto my frame and he smiled as his questioned had been answered more or less, "anything to say this morning?" he asked as he linked his frail hands together in hope, I wanted to talk I honestly did…but what if I said something stupid? I didn't want to be seen as an idiot in my own home by my own father. I just shrugged towards him and I felt my heart drop with guilt as I saw the pained expression on Vexen's old face, I guess it couldn't be easy for him to see the child he had full heartedly gone and rescued, not want to talk to him…or anyone else for that matter, he simply nodded and left, shutting the door behind him.
'Well done, you've upset him yet again' I ran my hands through my thick hair as I sleepily made my way to the connected bathroom and switched the light on, checking that I had in fact put clothes in here ready for today and smiled noticing them hanging on the back of the door, it was a great time saver…if I wasn't such a slow dresser that is.
I had to say that I was proud of my clothing style, I enjoyed dressing in usual 'rock attire', it suited me because for one thing I actually listened to rock music and two, I really liked the offensive shirts you could get, I had many of these and had received many glares from the employees of the clothing store when buying them, but surely if they are getting paid to serve me, then they should keep their noses out of whatever I'm buying.
It was then that I realised why I took so long getting dressed, I thought far too much and I tended to talk to myself in my head, a small part of me actually wishing I had another voice in my head to start up a conversation with.
I dashed out of my shower, slipping on the titled floor a bit and my hand shot out, grabbing the small metal pole where my towel was hanging and I steadied myself, using my free hand to pick up my fluffy white towel so I could dry my wet body and hair.
'You're going to be late again!' I knew that I had plenty of time to get ready, but I had a tendency to panic about lateness; Vexen must have known I was panicking because he yelled from downstairs that it was only quarter past seven.
Still, I didn't care.
I threw on my clothes and shook my head like a dog, water fleeing from my long hair and water droplets landed in various different places in my bathroom like a messy piece of invisible artwork and I kicked the bathroom door open, tripping a bit as I hurried with drying, brushing and straightening my hair, once that was done, I then shoved my converses onto my feet and grabbed my book bag, making my way down the stairs, panting a little from probably breaking the world record for the quickest change.
Vexen looked up from the his newspaper and chuckled at my normal worrying, he folded the paper up and sighed as he reached for his car keys, knowing I would want to have at least twenty minuets in the school park to calm down before I made my way to my first class of the day. I had been doing that for years, going to the park.
I sat there for as long as I could on the swings, usually reading and listening to my Ipod; sometimes I would bring wither my Nintendo DS or my PSP with me, depending on what game I was currently playing.
I waved goodbye to Vexen with a small smile as he sighed heavily and drove away in his large black BMW, I licked my lips as I walked over to the park, my eyes immediately going to the swings where I would sit day after day, but somebody was already sitting there, on their phone texting like a lunatic and I scowled at the boy, he was obviously a lot taller than me going on how long his stretched legs were, he was thin but at the same time, well built, he was irritatingly noticeable as the 'naturally good looking' type, he had sly jade green eyes with triangle tattoos sitting under them and the most ridiculous red spiky hair I have ever seen in my life.
I wanted to go over to him and scream at him for taking my space, the only place I felt I could truly relax, but my throat seemed to swell up as I continued to glare at the boy, probably sensing I was glaring at him, the red looked up, his lips curved into a confused smirk as he tilted his head at me, I hadn't noticed I was so close to him until he stood from the swing, towering over me making me feel like a mouse facing a lion.
"Is something the matter or am I just that beautiful that you have to stare?" the boys voice was deep and it made the heat rush to my cheeks, I quickly made my hair cover my face as I tried as to explain why I was staring without talking, which is a lot more difficult than I thought it would have been.
I pointed to the swing he was still blocking and he frowned at my strange behaviour and looked where I was directing his attention, "it's a swing," he said dumbly and I rolled my eyes at him, rudely shoving him out of the way and planting my backside onto the swing seat, "you're kind of rude, did you know that," the red head spat, "there are other swings, you could have just sat on one of those!" he added and I glared up at him.
'You know nothing, moron' I flinched as he shook the swing chains, his smirk growing wider as I allowed a frightened whimper to escape my lips, I couldn't help but get the feeling that he was going to hit me.
"Do you go to this school?" I blinked up at him as I nodded slowly, wondering why he had asked me that, "you wouldn't happen to have English first with Luxord, would you?" he had a desperate tone in his voice and I could have groaned in annoyance, he was the new student that everyone had been going on about for ages, Luxord and many of my other teachers had told us about him, how could I have forgotten when they had been drilling it into my head for so long?
A hand shot out in front of my face, waving frantically, "hello, anyone in there?" his knuckles wrapped upon my head and I slapped his hand away, nodding to answer his earlier question, "is that a yes to having English first or a nervous twitch?" he asked patronisingly, his hand now ruffling my hair, his warm fingers playing with my long fringe, a heavy blush burned my cheeks as I backed away from his comforting touch and I nodded again, my small hands clutching the cold chains of the swing tightly but he just shuffled to the swing beside me, destroying the peace I had wanted in the first place and extended his large hand towards me.
"The names Axel," he introduced and I blushed as I found myself staring at his oddly attractive eyes, my hand shook as I took a hold of his hand, his skin was so soft that I actually regretted removing his hand from my hair, "did you hear what I just said? Axel…A-X-E-L, got it memorised?" he repeated in a confused manor, his hand moving away from mine and he pointed towards his head, I wanted to make a sarcastic comment about how he couldn't possibly have a brain with that hair style, but I refrained from doing so as I had noticed the frown deepening on his face, "do I get to know your name Mr Silence?" Axel urged and he smiled at me as if to give me the confidence to do it but I stayed quiet before I began rummaging through my bag to find my workbook, my fingers ran across the material of the book and I grasped it, pulling it out and holding it up in front of his face, pointing to the name on the front of the green book.
"Zexion," he nearly purred my name out of his mouth and my breath hitched in my throat as me moved his face closer to mine, "that's an incredibly…zexy name you have there," I felt my bottom lip shake as I heard the play on word 'zexy' and I felt the cold chains dig into the back of my head as I leaned away from him on the swing, "you don't say a lot do you Zex?" Axel sighed as he smiled at me, all of his sexual attitude suddenly fading as quickly as it had arrived.
I just shrugged and slipped my book back into my bag, puffing a ball of air out of my mouth as I somehow managed to kick my back at the same time as moving my hand, my bag fell over and my asthma pump rolled out, soon snatched up from the ground by Axel who handed it back to me, where it disappeared quickly into my pocket.
"Oh come on," Axel whined as he pushed my arm a little too roughly for my liking, "say something, I want to hear that zexy voice I know you have," he winked at me as he ruffled my hair once more.
I scowled and flattened my hair back down, why did this guy think he could be this overly friendly with me? I had just met the idiot! It's because he thinks he can over power me because I look like I should be weak, but he hasn't felt nor seen how hard I can punch someone, I 'accidently' knocked my cousin Saix out once and before you start thinking about how terrible that is, I did it because he stole my clothes when I was sleeping round there and made me spend the entire day in my boxers.
"You're cute when you daydream," his voice was low a seductive, his breath racing down my ear hole and I realised that his lips were right next to my ear, so close in fact that I could actually feel his lips brush against my skin and I jumped up, pulling my bag with me and walked away, looking over my shoulder to see him wave childishly at me as he stole back my swing.

This is a personal fanfiction to me, it represents a lot of things that I went through back in my high school, not the love that will breed in this fanfiction, but the hurt, isolation and I unfortunately went through a 'mute stage' for two years.

AkuZeku is seriously starting to threaten the position of Dexion being my favourite pairing at the moment, I can't help but think AkuZeku is one the most god damn sexiest things I have ever read/seen/imagined and written.
Neesh, this fanfiction already has seven written chapters, so I will be able to upload this easily whilst I continue to write the chapters for 'Pyromaniac'.

I want to apologise if there are any spelling/grammar mistakes, I am editing the story as soon as it's finished.
Hope you guys enjoy this.

Usual Thing - Kingdom Hearts and it's characters are shockingly NOT mine
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